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A New Era in Haulage & OOH

April 1, 20210

We don’t estimate, we calculate…

The launch of TruckAdz and our unique Adz Tracker system has been 5 years in the making, celebrated today with the launch of our new website.

By combining experts from both the haulage and media industries, our team has brought to the UK market a previously untapped media channel and, by bridging the gap between the physical and the digital world, we are able to offer our clients an unparalleled level of accountability, accuracy and audience insight.


Fleet operators already use GPS tracking for safety and accountability reasons.

By working with best-in-breed geo-tech providers, Adztracker can layer this GPS data with mobile device signals and, using an advanced data management platform, calculate real-time audience reach with confidence. This is the final piece of the jigsaw for both the media agency industry & advertisers who are looking for value, ROI and data from their campaigns. It also provides a new revenue stream to the haulage industry.


But how does the system work?

Views, Impacts and Opportunity To See is measured by us in a unique way, we set a virtual cone around the 3-sided mobile billboard… AKA the truck.

These are set to collect the geo location data of mobile devices which have been exposed to the advert, within the pre-set range. Adz tracker hardware is fitted to the mobile billboard which uniquely collects data every 5 seconds and anonymously stores the unique ID of that device in order to count the view. As an extra service TruckAdz can also dig deeper and find out where that ID rests at night, where it likes to shop, frequent and even age and gender. The system is designed to take into account many real-world factors such as weather, traffic conditions and even special events taking place.

We purchase all data for every region in the UK at a massive cost and as 95% of the population now hold a mobile device, it allows us to be very detailed and accurate with our stats.

This data is then cleansed and filtered with tech and data partners, and any duplication and fraudulent signals removed. This is the only system in the UK which is able to provide audience numbers and insights in this way, on a moving advert.

Previously, agencies and marketing teams had to rely on historical or estimated road / population density stats to try and understand the value and effectiveness of their placements.

Having contracts with some of the UK’s major hauliers means we have hubs in all areas of the UK and Ireland.

Our fleets move between urban and motorway journeys throughout the week this is how we get our unique views per month. The reports which we produce shows the daily / weekly data in real time, so it’s all fully transparent.


Our client’s will receive monthly reports like never seen before in the OOH world. We don’t estimate, we calculate. 

“Finally we have the technology to be right up here with digital outdoor and digital online mediums, its exciting times for us all at TruckAdz, it’s the end of a long journey of development. We are also working with the Made Smarter digital project on our manufacturing side, as orders are set to skyrocket. We must ensure we have the latest digital tech in place. This is a start of an exciting journey into the world of data and insights never seen before in the OOH sphere.” – Danny Shiers – TruckAdz Managing Director.

The new website goes live today, (01.04.21) containing everything from route planners to an audience hub, helping agencies and advertisers understand this unique offering more clearly.

It’s a New Era in OOH, we call it MOOH, (Moving Out Of Home).

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team are here to bridge the gap and deliver results.

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Measurable Moving Ads That Deliver. Low cost Truck Advertising. Thousands of mobile billboards ready for hire.
OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us?
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