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Unleash the power of truck advertising…

At TruckAdz we give you the solution to unleash the power of truck advertising on the UK’s busiest roads.

TruckAdz fleet operators have trailer sides and rear doors to offer for nationwide exposure with your desired promotional campaigns. We invite your company into the truck marketing world, so your quality advertisements can reach a national customer segment.

The potential to get your advert seen by the masses has never been greater.

We offer a contractual payment scheme that makes your marketing budget last longer, with low cost monthly payments. Avoid expensive upfront payments.

The Important Statistics

Overall 78% of distance travelled for personal and business trips by the average person is by car, on average, most distance is travelled by car for all age groups. Allowing more viewing time for road advertising.

Traffic on motorways in 2017 reached an all-time high of 64.3 billion vehicle miles, rising year on year.

The UK’s motorways are some of the most densely populated networks in Europe. They are a prime space for traffic and congestion, increasing the dwell time on your advertising leading to an increase in sales.

The average driver will spend 32 hours a year in traffic jams.

A motorist spends on average 120 seconds looking outside the vehicle at a red light.

There are 35 million vehicles on the UK’s roads. There are approximately 10 million pedestrians on the streets at any one time. The ability to display high quality ads on a moving truck will result in maximum conversions of impressions to sales.

Latest road traffic statistics show the number of vehicles on GB roads has increased by 22% in 10 years – information provided by DVLA.

50,000 ad impressions per trailer, per day

In a recent case study by the TruckAdz team, each trailer gained a massive 50,000 ad impressions per a Standard day trailer route on the UK’s motorways. Fitting cameras to all three sides of one of our trailers enabled us to quantify these figures.

On average, one of our trailers would gain 1 million ad impressions per month on the UK’s motorways. With our premium optional trailer, clocking up 24 hours on the road a day, this figure will increase.

Click here to calculate how much truck advertising costs.

The benefits of our Premium/Standard Network Partners?

  • The Routes Taken- Our premium partners have several hub locations throughout the UK and all vehicles travel 24/7 on the countries busiest motorways.
  • The Age of Fleet & Quality of Fleet- Each truck is washed and cleaned on a regular basis, further to that once it reaches its third year the vehicle is renewed and a brand new unit & trailer is introduced on the roads.
  • Uniformed Trailer Sizes- The dimensions of the each trailer are identical. which means you can swap and change your advert to match a truck on a different route/region.
  • The Run Time- Our premium partner runs 24/7 giving you maximum Ad impressions on the road.

Our Group & Partners

We are a part of the Spirit Displays Product Distribution and proud partners with 3M Select Platinum Partner, Ast Transport Branding.

With over 15 years’ experience in the industry, Ast Transport Branding has worked with some of the country’s best-known brands including HSS Hire, Stobart Group and Yodel.

Spirit Displays are the top experts in frame technology, boasting a 15-year successful, manufacturing career.

We are the perfect truck branding company on the market, ensuring all enquires are handled by one project manager, to cut down the supply chain for our clients.