Are you a fleet owner or operator?

Do you need to reduce expensive overheads?

NTAN is the only haulage and advertising network in the UK providing returns for renting your truck sides.

  • No third parties, we use our sister company Truckskinz for all production and fitting.
  • UK suppliers and manufacturing with over 30 years haulage experience.
  • The best price for your blank truck space, click below to get started.

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Join us as a TruckAdz partner

  • Earn extra revenue with zero downtime. Hassle free, no effort required from you.
  • In house fitting teams work to suit you, 24/7 365!

See returns of *5-7k over the contractual life of a trailer

  • Our frame system adds value to your assets, you can even advertise your own services.
  • We protect own fleet livery when applying our systems.

Project Management and Production

  • Our in-house fitting team apply livery and graphics on some of the biggest brands in the industry.
  • Use the extra monthly revenue to contribute the running costs: Diesel, Tax, Wages, Tyres.
  • Company director with over 30 years haulage industry experience, CPC qualified.

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Our Requirements

  • All vehicles GPS tracked.
  • All vehicles washed regularly.
  • MIN 5 days 10 hours a day on road time.
  • Trailers with minimum 2 years left in service.
  • 75% of routes taken on main motorways.
  • Route images of N,S,E,W coverage.

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Q: Does my vehicle need to be off the road for initial installation or advert changes?

A: No. All TruckAdz production is to suit you, whether it be weekends or evenings, our fitters are available 24/7.

Q: What happens to my current livery?

A: All trailers are restored back to the original state within two weeks of contrast termination.

Q: What happens if the advert is damaged in an RTA?

A: All adverts are replaced within 7 days, ensuring there is no fleet disruption or downtime.