Give your clients the option of advertising on the UK's motorways:

  • Highest amount of ad impressions over all types of Outdoor Media/OOH Advertising.
  • Premium truck partners, allowing your clients to advertise 24/7.
  • GPS Reports to give your clients an insight into their all-important impressions.
  • Clients campaigns can be consistent with our exclusive quick change systems to refresh their adverts in minutes.

Provide the option to advertise in a usually unreachable place. 

Media Agencies: Your Tailor-Made Rate Card

Contact us today to request our double and single deck advertising rate cards, including:

  • 3, 6, 9 and 12 month terms to suit your client’s campaigns.
  • The best commission rate for your agency in the outdoor media market to date.
  • Easy-to-use figures, allowing you to provide your clients with all necessary information from the get-go.
  • Low cost monthly payments for your client, extending their marketing budget.
  • Multiple options to buy in bulk on our 70sqm ad trailers.

Exposure and Brand Awareness

We offer up to One Million Ad impressions to your clients from just £349 per month.

  • Our trailers are on the roads 24/7, on average will gain over 1 million impressions per trailer per month.
  • Our in-house designers and high quality prints, our adverts are of premium quality.

Provide your clients with the best advertising on the UK’s motorways with only 7 day lead times.


So, how are the impressions gauged?

The question that all clients will ask…

All of our vehicles are fitted with comprehensive GPS systems, feeding back data to our in-house team. This data provides reports and insights for your clients, showing where and when their adverts were viewed.

We can then calculate the impressions your clients gain on a single trailer’s promotional campaign every day. Depending on the size of the campaign, total impressions are calculated. We allocate any downtime that is GPS confirmed and equate the total impressions taken on all sides at around 1 million per month.

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