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Unleash the option of motorway advertising

  • The best amount of ad impressions of all types of outdoor.
  • Our trucks act as mobile billboards on the UKs busiest roads 24/7.
  • Quick change systems to give you the ability to refresh your advert, as many times as you want to gain maximum ad impressions.
  • We give the option to advertise in a normally unreachable area.

Media Agency rate card

  • Short term packages to offer flexibility for your clients.
  • Offer the best outdoor advertising platform to your clients wanting to increase sales.
  • Transform a usually unreachable space into a high-quality advertising platform, that travels hundreds are miles daily.
  • Low cost monthly payments to extend your marketing budget.
  • Options available to buy in bulk on Standard and Premium trailers.

Ad impressions

We offer Up to One Million Ad impressions for just £349 per month.

Our trailers are on the roads 24/7 unlike other forms of outdoor media, on average each of our trailers fitted with a full wrap will gain over 1 million impressions per month.

How do we gauge the impressions?

Our vehicles are fitted with real time GPS and cameras which feedback data to us and the advertiser. This data enables us to calculate the impressions you will get on a single promotional campaign.

Our test vehicles which are on route, 24/7 gain over 1.4 million impressions per month, we allow any downtime which is confirmed by the GPS and equate the total impressions taken on all sides at 1 million per month.