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Use your fleet to support our Key-Workers & Haulage Heroes

23/04/2020 | Published by TruckAdz

UK Haulage! Let’s pull together and show your support on your fleet. For our drivers, warehouse staff, and all the key workers in the industry. Truckskinz TruckAdz is giving away 10 free advertising systems. We are giving something back to our industry and offering 10 free systems worth over £10k to any operators who have 13m fridge trailers in the… Read More

Advertise your support for NHS Heroes & Key-workers with TruckAdz

23/04/2020 | Published by TruckAdz

Ever wanted to try truck advertising? Are you keen to promote a message to millions at every Lidl store in the UK as well as supporting all of our key-workers? TruckAdz are offering 5 free of charge advertising campaigns from 3 of the country’s biggest distribution hubs; Birmingham, Doncaster, and Warrington. Supporting key workers has never been so important, and… Read More

Clap for our Carers! TruckAdz Gets Involved

16/04/2020 | Published by TruckAdz

For the fourth week in a row, people across the UK clapped to show appreciation for health professionals and other key workers, during the coronavirus pandemic. Our Truckz design team, working from home, has created this unique truck rebrand on one of our TruckAdz trailers to show appreciation to all keyworkers and carers. Join us every Thursday at 8pm as… Read More

TruckAdz Holidays 2019/20 Opening Hours

01/12/2019 | Published by TruckAdz

It’s December! That means it’s almost time for Christmas 2019 and New Year 2020. Here are our office opening times for this years festivities: Our Offices will remain open as usual until December 20th, when we will close for the holidays. We will be closed from December 20th at 5.30pm and will reopen on Monday 6th January 2020. Please contact… Read More