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Truck advertising v Online advertising.

17/01/2019 | Published by TruckAdz

The ultimate question is, where do you get the most quality exposure and value for money? Both battling for the most ad impressions to increase footfall, web traffic and sales, but which do you think gains the most? Here’s some of our stats to help you decide… For a company like Sofology who have 150 mobile billboards in the UKs… Read More

Want to know how the MD learnt the trade of haulage?

17/01/2019 | Published by TruckAdz

  I spent some time over Christmas with family, reminiscing over old pictures with the parents who taught me my trade. Shiers Transport Ltd started my education in the early 80s on truck advertising and the potential it has. Here’s where it all began, the old transport yard near Blackpool… I am always grateful for my start in life and… Read More

The world’s most famous truck advertising?

17/01/2019 | Published by TruckAdz

  Great use of Truck advertising yesterday at the big fight in LA, by one of the world’s famous brands, not only did they park a truck in full camera view, they parked 3 trucks around the outdoor area, so each time the camera pans around it’s like a Coca Cola back drop! Truck advertising is relatively new to a… Read More

WANTED: National Sales Manager

17/01/2019 | Published by TruckAdz

Do you want to become an integral part of a thriving team, that are succeeding in an untapped market place with a revolutionary advertising product? Truckskinz and TruckAdz is growing at a rapid pace so we are expanding our team. If you fit the criteria then do not hesitate to apply.