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Does your Company sell Truck Advertising space?

  • Are you spending too much time on project managing installs and hauliers?
  • Would you like to spend more time selling and networking and looking to increase your reach?
  • What if we said we can make that side of your business, faster, cheaper and better quality?
  • GPS tracking? no problem we have it all covered with monthly reports emailed direct.

How we work

TruckAdz trade works on a strict NDA basis and deals with all the haulier and production side of truck advertising.

TruckAdz owns Truckskinz and the Truckskinz unique system…

  • We have an “advert ready” fleet of over 100 trailers ready to be loaded with your clients adverts.
  • We boast the fastest upload time of adverts in the industry and the latest HP technology prints.


Whats the minimum term?
Ans – there is no minimum term – 0-24 months

Whats the lead times?
minimum 7 days – maximum 14 days

Who is our contract with?
TruckAdz limited “the national truck advertising network”

More time to sell… Sound interesting click here to receive your exclusive trade rates…