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How Does
It Work?

Place Your Ads
National, Regional or even more specific, we tailor the campaign to suit you.
See Your Impacts
Measure the number of devices in proximity to your ad as it moves along its journey.
Retarget Your Audience
Reach out to the people your ad met on it's journey!
Measure Your Increase
Is your outdoor marketing having an effect on your online traffic?

Technology Is Evolving - So Should Your CampaignsBringing Audience Insights
Into The Real World

We know OOH is a staple of any media advertising plan, and now so should MOOH. Technology is changing advertising landscape, your campaigns should change too.

When your audience adventures out into the real world, they take their mobile phone devices with them everywhere. For those who consent, these devices generate invisible mobile data tracking points which means we can get a real world view as we track these devices moving around the UK on a daily basis. We use this data to pain a rea picture of us, the people living in the real world.

Connecting The
Physical World

To The Digital World

AdzTracker grabs data from multiple sources, we filter & digest to show you the number of impressions on your moving ads.

AdzTracker is a SmartTracker; not only does it map the information of your adverts journey throughout the TruckAdz Mobile Billboard estate, it understands grouped demographics, peoples interests, the places they visit and the journeys they make.

These real world behaviours show you exactly which displays are most powerful.
Connecting the digital and physical worlds
ADZ Tracker Device - A Truck Advertising Tracking Device

Unlock The
Real Figures

All data is filtered, cleansed, and integrated into a single, high quality dataset that is both accurate and actionable.

– Mobile location data is filtered to achieve a high level of accuracy.
– Fraudulent location data sold by app developers is removed.
– Data is tested regularly and processes updated for quality to meet our strict standards.


All data collected is GDPR compliant. The mobile location data we collect is from users who have opted-in to location services, and all data is fully anonymous. We only work with data suppliers who ensure that users’ opt-outs are respected and the a device’s location is never inferred or reported if the user has not given permission.

If you would like any further information, please contact us.


We made outdoor ads that move, measurable.
Get a deeper insight unto your on-road audience.

With ADZ TRACKER learn a unique insight into your ads journey.

We have advanced technology which sets us apart from the rest.
Truck Advertising In 2021

Easy To Use ToolsYour Dashboard

Measure the impact of the high-recall moving out of home (MOOH) TruckAdz vehicle produce with our impressions tracking technology. Log into your campaign dashboard to access your metrics in real-time.
Weekly Route Reports

Built For
Marketing Teams
That Expect

Knowing the real-time location and context of your consumers helps you understand their mindset and motivation. This is a way of reaching potential customer with relevant advertising messages to achieve a higher impact.
Truck Advertising | AdzTracker | Heat Map

The End Of
Spreadsheets &
GPS Screenshots

Forget working with endless spreadsheets of meaningless numbers and long/lat coordinates.

AdsTracker gives you access to all the data you need with a simple login.

Define Your Results | Manage Your Budget | Beat Your Targets

Your Audience

We're more efficient than ever before.

AdzTracker understands the routes real people are making every day & TruckAdz has the spaces to meet them.

The best place to target car lovers is on the road. They are out there right now driving around in cars they don't like, thinking about upgrading. Our system can meet them on their commute to and from work

Meet A Whole
New Audience

Meet an audience of UK Holiday markers, on the journey to their week away, many love outdoor sports. Thanks to AdzTracker, your new outdoor family product could be in the front of Mum and Dad's on the route they're taking.

AdzTracker also gives you the option to retarget your audience. Make further contact with the people your ad has come in contact with.

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AdzTracker is due for full release before the end of 2021.

Please contact us for more details or sign up to our newsletter for the latest updates.

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    Measurable Moving Ads That Deliver. Low cost Truck Advertising. Thousands of mobile billboards ready for hire.
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