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The Buyers Guide To Truck Advertising

Our 3 Step Guide

Built to help you create the perfect Truck Advertising Campaign.
Here is what you need to know before you dive into the world of Truck Advertising and Mobile Billboards!

Step 1

New trucks without advertising
Where to start
Build Your Campaign


Do you trust their numbers? Or have they guessed them?

Audience Measurement

What data system do they use?


Do they have deep insight tools so you can calculate your views, not just estimate?

GPS Tracking

Do they use GPS Tracking to inform you of how many hours your ad has been on the road and miles have been covered?

Clear Route Plans

Can your truck advertising company ensure your ads won't be wasted on routes, passing through non-primary roads, in the countryside?

In House Design

Does your truck advertising company have an expert in-house designer on site ready, to take your call, to discuss design best practice?

Step 2

Find The Right TeamInstallation & Admin

Installation Team
Does the company have a trained in-house approved fitting team? Or do they farm out your amazing design to 3rd or 4th parties who might not give your design the attention it deserves?
Advert Changes
Can they offer to change your design midterm to keep up to date with your marketing campaigns.
In-House Media Agency Team
Want your ad to run in conjunction with your other campaigns? Professionals need the right tools, our in house Media Agency Team can help boost productivity and plans with other agencies.
Tracking Team
Does the Truck Advertising Company have a team who provide FOC GPS tracking reports, full audience measurements and insights?
Accounts Team
Time is money. Does their accounts team have up to date systems to respond to any invoice enquiries and payment questions?
Admin Team
Will you receive a clear legally binding contract that is between the Advertiser, your Truck Advertising Company and the Haulier?

Step 3


Repairs & Removals

Repair Team
Does your chosen Truck Advertising company have a solution if any vehicle is accident damaged?
Management Team
Do they understand your brand? Do they have the qualifications and experience in both the advertising and haulage sector to understand your needs?
Removal Team
Finally, what happens at the end? Do they have a system in place to remove the ads when the campaign is complete?
Our ads can be removed in the time it takes to make a cup of tea. TruckAdz advertising skins are held by the safest and most advanced framing system on the market.
Truck Adz Truck Advertising Campaign


We have all the above covered and controlled. We would love to chat to you about how we can make your next campaign a success.
Man Shrugging

We'll admit it...

We are also bored of Truck Advertising companies that claim they get 60,000 impressions per day / 2 million views per month, where there is very little substantial evidence to back it up. We'll openly admit to doing this in the past, because in our industry, nobody had put the time into research.
Until now, where we took a different route, by listening to what our customers and agency friends wanted, we searched for the technology and implemented the research.

We no longer estimate, we calculate.

Buying direct from the UK's only dedicated Truck Advertising Company means you're in experience hands, from concept to post campaign analysis. We have the data to build your strategy with systems in place to deliver the results you need.
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Measurable Moving Ads That Deliver. Low cost Truck Advertising. Thousands of mobile billboards ready for hire.
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Measurable Moving Ads That Deliver. Low cost Truck Advertising. Thousands of mobile billboards ready for hire.
OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us?
GET IN TOUCHTruckAdz Social Media
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Copyright TruckAdz. All rights reserved.